Please Note: EEG and Sleep Lab Update

The CNMRI EEG Lab in Dover has moved to 1095 S. Bradford Street. The CNMRI Milford EEG Lab and Sleep Lab are still at 111 Neurology Way. The Dover Sleep Lab is now at 30 East Division Street in Dover.


Do you want CPR?

This was a sobering story on CPR in the elderly (NPR) A ‘natural death’ may be preferable for many to enduring CPR A frightening issue discussed in this article was the concept of ‘CPR-Induced Consciousness’, where chest compressions circulate enough blood to the brain to awaken the patient during cardiac arrest, who may then literally experience…

Why Some People get Long Covid

Yet another reason to get fully vaccinated! “New research has found the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the blood of long Covid patients up to a year after infection but not in people who have fully recovered from Covid. Virus has also been found in tissues including the brain, lungs, and lining of…