Covid Vaccination and Mask Policy

CNMRI will provide access to masks for patients as needed or you may purchase your own provided you follow CNMRI requirements for acceptable masking for COVID 19.

Vaccinated Patient Mask Requirements: Two layer, snug fit, nose wire, no vent mask or KN95 Mask.

Unvaccinated Staff and Patient Mask Requirements:  KN95 Mask required.

Requirements for Procedures: EMG and other procedures requiring more than 15 minutes of close face to face patient contact will require KN95 masking. Unvaccinated patients will be required to report a negative COVID 19 test within 72 hours of the procedure.

Unvaccinated Family Members and Guests: Not permitted in exam area unless an exception is made by the attending physician.  Concomitant telephone contact with family and guests is an acceptable option which should be considered in this situation.  For privacy purposes, the family/guest call should take place from their car or other appropriate private setting of their choice.

Unvaccinated Employee Family Members, Guests, Vendors & Drug Reps: Not permitted inside CNMRI facilities without prior approval by the Practice Administrator.