In preparation for your appointment , make sure you are prepared:
1. What device are you going to use? Smartphone, tablet or computer are recommended (We’ve had much better success with iPhones and iPads.)
2. Is your device updated and fully charged or plugged in? Sometimes, restarting your smartphone will help if you’re having problems.
3. Do you have a reliable internet or WiFi connection? We recommend WiFi when using a smartphone or iPad, although cellular data works if you have good signal.
4. Before your visit, sign into MyChart and review your information. You can request an activation at
5. We’ll try our best to contact you around the time of your appointment (although this is not always possible.)
6. Please make sure you have a comfortable place to sit for the visit and that your camera gives a clear view of you for the doctor or nurse.
7. Have paper and a pen ready to take notes during the visit.

Please make sure we have your correct email address and cell phone number so we can contact you about appointments, refill and test results.