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Cefaly migraine device now available without a prescription

The Cefaly device is now available without a prescription and can be are use both for acute and as a preventative migraine treatment. It costs about $400 for the device and is not typically covered by insurance. We don’t have much experience with the device but it may be an option for those who have failed or cannot take medications.

More information at

Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness is an initiative that celebrates being mindful or aware in all aspects of daily living. Becoming more mindful can help you in many aspects of your daily life and by using the tools of mindfulness, one can improve health and well-being. These techniques are wonderful additions to the treatment of many neurologic disorders, including headache, neck and back pain, stroke, Parkingson’s and multiple sclerosis, along with many others too numerous to mention.

I received some great resources from Dr. Sara M. at the recent American Academy of Neurology meeting which should get you started. Please check out these links and Apps and let us know how you do!

– Head Space: (magazine and current events)

Smart Phone apps:
Stress Doctor (by Azumio)

Breath2Relax (free)

Craving to Quit (smoking cessation):